An Increased Demand for Adult Orthodontic Treatment

Attending a myriad of Zoom meetings is a semi-permanent reality for professionals who have shifted to the home office culture over the past year. Needless to say, having a virtual platform has allowed people to conduct business and socialize with friends safely. However, according to recent surveys, people have become increasingly conscious of their teeth during these close-up conferences, which has manifested in a surge of adults seeking orthodontic treatment in the past year.


Unmasking the perfect smile is not only restricted to those who are on daily Zoom calls. Living behind a mask continues to provide the perfect opportunity to feel more confident about wearing orthodontic appliances. Whether Invisalign clear aligners, or more traditional fixed appliances, adults and patients alike are not missing the opportunity to discretely obtain the confident smile they have always dreamed of.


Maybe it’s the flexibility of the workday or a little extra time without the daily commute, but the pandemic has prompted many of us to stop procrastinating and get things done. Straightening your teeth may just be another project you’re finally able to tackle. And getting braces is a project you can do for yourself to not only improve your self-confidence, but your health.


Did you know that a misaligned bite can cause headaches and fractured teeth? Or crooked teeth are more difficult to keep clean and more prone to cavities? Braces improve your oral health and, if you’ve spent years feeling self-conscious about your smile, they will improve your mental health as well. Wouldn’t it feel great finally smile proudly when someone takes your picture instead of hiding your teeth?


And now you surely won’t be alone. Twenty-five percent of our patients are now over the age of 18! So whether you are 4 or 94, you are never too young or too old to smile.


If you’d like to learn more about adult orthodontic treatment and what treatment looks like for you, contact our office today!