Why Choose Us

Practice Pledge

The office of Dr. Cathleen George is dedicated to developing the perfect smile within. The success of our Richboro orthodontic practice is continuously measured by the well-refined smiles of each patient. Whether you are age 4 or 94, Dr. George and her team are committed to the release of your “perfect smile.”

Top Ten Reasons to Choose Our Richboro Orthodontist Office

Reason 1

Dr. George is a preeminent leader in Richboro orthodontic braces and teeth straightening, recipient of The Best of Bucks, and highly respected by dental colleagues throughout the communities of Bucks County. Her clinical expertise is utilized by the prestigious University of Pennsylvania in the instruction of new orthodontic doctors.

Reason 2

Dr. George is one of a few board-certified orthodontists who have successfully presented clinical cases to expert examiners from The American Board of Orthodontics. This great achievement distinguishes Dr. George as a true board-certified orthodontic expert.

Reason 3

Dr. George is relentless in her desire to release every patient’s “perfect smile,” and it is evident in her in-depth personal treatment planning and application of the most advanced and clinically proven procedures.

Reason 4

Our Richboro orthodontic office provides unparalleled teeth straightening services – a doctor sees each patient every appointment, places every orthodontic appliance, and is available to patients 24/7. Our team has also adopted a service philosophy of treating everyone like family, providing constant updates and feedback with genuine friendliness.

Reason 5

Convenient appointment times are available early mornings and evenings. At every appointment, we value your time and have adopted a minimal or a “no wait” guarantee.

Reason 6

Dr. George’s team consists of certified orthodontic assistants who are active members of the American Association of Orthodontists. The team also implements an “open door policy” that encourages communication and involvement with all.

Reason 7

Dr. George is an expert and leader in the field of early interceptive treatment. Understanding that there is both a critical and an advantageous time to begin orthodontic expanders and braces, she offers FREE developmental growth monitoring.

Reason 8

Our state-of-the-art, technically advanced facility is comfortable, warm, spacious, eco-environmentally friendly, and conveniently located.

Reason 9

We welcome most insurance plans and manage claims to assist you in maximizing your plan’s benefit reimbursement(s). Our treatment fee is all inclusive. It includes a one-year retention period and a lifetime of support for our patients’ smiles. Financing options include $0 down with 0% interest, and up to 24 months.

Reason 10

A smile is a lifetime investment providing both aesthetic and health benefits. Dr. George and her Richboro team offer the highest level of service and uncompromising teeth-straightening results from our orthodontic treatment, and their efforts result in the release of every patient’s “perfect smile!”