Welcome to 3D Digital Scanning at your Yardley and Richboro Orthodontist

No goop. No gagging. No need for those old-school physical impressions.


The time of those goopy impressions that make you gag are finally behind us! No more goop, gagging, or discomfort. Using a 3D digital scanner, your orthodontist can take a highly accurate digital impression of your teeth and gums within seconds to minutes.


Digital scanners have now replaced the need for those old-school molds and provide an experience for the modern, digital patient. These scanners use a compact, hand-held wand capturing 6,000 images per second. This allows for a digital impression of an entire arch in as little as 60 seconds!


With this high resolution, interactive image of your teeth, we can see your new smile before you even get started. Yes, that’s right! This technology allows us, and more importantly you, to see your perfect smile before braces or Invisalign even begins!


Thinking about Invisalign? iTero is specifically designed to provide an outcome simulation chairside. This helps visualize how your teeth may look at the end of treatment. Additionally, the progress assessment tool on iTero scanners provides an ability to see if Invisalign treatment is on track, giving us more accurate predictions on time left in treatment and analyze ways to help expedite the release of that perfect smile.


This isn’t a technology that simply provides more patient comfort. With the use of our iTero 3D scanners, we are able to offer our patients an exceptional level of individualized orthodontic care. This high-tech equipment gives us the most accurate images available, guaranteeing us a more accurate look into the mouth, superior fit of appliances, and increasing satisfaction levels across the board.


If the thought of the goop or gag has given you the hesitation of starting your smile journey, think no more. It’s time to see your smile in a whole new way with digital 3D scanning!