Why Choose an Orthodontist vs a Dentist?

The Specialized Treatment You Deserve   You trust your heart to a cardiologist, your eyes to an ophthalmologist, and your skin to a dermatologist. Like these specialists who study their specialty areas after their general medical education, orthodontists devote 2-3 additional years of study to orthodontics. And that is after 4 years of undergraduate studies […]

Orthodontic Technology Innovation during the Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic demanded we change the patterns of our lives overnight, forcing millions to stay in their homes for months on end and reordering the usual ways of work, education, and even healthcare. Suddenly, we needed technology-driven innovations not soon, but now.   Dental and orthodontic offices were not immune. It became necessary we […]

When to visit the dentist? When to brush your child’s teeth?

How to keep your kids SMILING! Good dental health starts with you—the parents! And it’s simple. Leading by example, practicing good oral hygiene yourself demonstrates to your kids that taking care of your teeth is important. We as dental professionals understand that taking care of the smallest members of the family is nothing short of […]

Orthodontics: Creating healthy teeth and a healthy you!

There are thousands of ways to move the muscles in our faces, all of which serve to express one of the six basic emotions: anger, disgust, enjoyment, fear, sadness, and surprise. And the most powerful and profound facial expression of them all? The smile. Smiling is universally considered to be a way we display joy. It […]

An Increased Demand for Adult Orthodontic Treatment

Attending a myriad of Zoom meetings is a semi-permanent reality for professionals who have shifted to the home office culture over the past year. Needless to say, having a virtual platform has allowed people to conduct business and socialize with friends safely. However, according to recent surveys, people have become increasingly conscious of their teeth […]

Palate Expanders: The Richboro, Yardley, and Newtown Guide

Palate Expanders: The When, Why, Where, and How? Ever wonder what a palate expander was? Or why they are used? Or simply wonder why your friend’s daughter needs one and yours doesn’t? Well, did you know that orthodontics is more than just straight teeth? As orthodontists, we are specialists in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics. Monitoring […]

Welcome to 3D Digital Scanning at your Yardley and Richboro Orthodontist

No goop. No gagging. No need for those old-school physical impressions.   The time of those goopy impressions that make you gag are finally behind us! No more goop, gagging, or discomfort. Using a 3D digital scanner, your orthodontist can take a highly accurate digital impression of your teeth and gums within seconds to minutes. […]

When is early orthodontic treatment needed? And why?

Timing is everything – even when it comes to your child’s orthodontic treatment. “Early” treatment, also called “interceptive” treatment, simply means treatment that is performed while some baby teeth are still present.   The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends that your child’s first check-up with an orthodontist be around age 7. Why age 7? […]

Why do I have to wear a retainer?

And why is it for life?? The day has finally come: The braces are coming off! And then it slips, “This is your retainer, and you have to wear it every night for the rest of your life.”  Most of us were teenagers when we had our first experience with orthodontic treatment. At that age, […]

CG Orthodontics: Your community orthodontist

We are your neighbors and we are your friends. At CG Orthodontics, just as important as the treatment, is the caring attitude that is employed by the doctors, staff, and everyone in between. This same attitude is transferred to the surrounding area as we look to provide a community full of beautiful smiles. Whether it’s […]

Fixing a Pokey Orthodontic Wire

If you have an emergency with a protruding wire, there are a variety of ways to take care of this right from the convenience of your own home! Poking wires always occur at the worst times. Usually right before the weekend or just as your about to leave for vacation. With these tips, you can […]

What is Invisalign? And how does it work?

Align Technology first introduced Invisalign to the market in 1999 after recent advances in digital technology enabled the creation of sequential removable aligners to move teeth. Once novel, Invisalign is now a digital orthodontic appliance used to treat millions of patients.  Invisalign, however, is not the only company to use this technology. Many companies are […]

Orthodontic Appointments during the COVID-19 Pandemic

As you may have heard, the Department of Health in PA has issued revised guidance, allowing dental offices to resume required procedures with new protocols in place.  We are therefore, happy to announce that as of May 18, 2020, we are scheduling certain necessary appointments once again.  With our long-awaited re-opening comes new office policies and appointment procedures.   Rest […]

How to Apply Orthodontic Wax

Anyone who has ever had braces has experienced the nuisance of a pokey wire. No matter what we as orthodontists do, it is an unfortunate inevitability. There are a few different reasons why this may happen. First, as your teeth begin to straighten, the wire has a tendency to shift. Most times you won’t even […]