Fixing a Pokey Orthodontic Wire

If you have an emergency with a protruding wire, there are a variety of ways to take care of this right from the convenience of your own home!

Poking wires always occur at the worst times. Usually right before the weekend or just as your about to leave for vacation. With these tips, you can temporarily fix the protruding wire and provide yourself with some much needed relief until you can visit us for a permanent solution.

Orthodontic Wax: This is always our first recommended solution. It is the easiest tool to create a smooth surface over the wire. Look for our previous blog post on how to properly apply wax!

Tweezers: If the wire has slipped out of the molar bracket, you may be able to use tweezers to slide the wire back into the bracket slot. Once you have bent the wire back, use orthodontic wax to keep the wire in place until you are able to visit us again.

Nail Clippers/ Wire Cutters: This option is a last resort, but a great way to provide comfort in times of need. To clip the wire, pull back your cheek, dry the area, and with the help of an adult, carefully clip the poking wire. After clipping the wire, be sure to apply wax to hold it in place.

Don’t forget, we are always here to help. You can call or text us pictures directly to our office number (267.397.3354). We can answer any questions and guide you through these steps!